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What is Sexual Battery?

What is sexual battery? | Nashville DUI Lawyer | McKinney Law Firm

Arrested for driving under the influence in Nashville ? Don't know where to turn for help ? Worried about going to jail , losing your driver's license , or your job. If you have been charged with a DU...

Discovery Changes In Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Charges?

Sex crimes is a broad description of different types sex crimes. One of those crimes is sexual exploitation of a minor. It is basically possessing child pornography. The Tennessee State Legislature is working on a law that could restrict tor limit a criminal defense attorneys access to the evidence.A copy of the bill can be found here.

Are The Contents Of Your Computer Really Private?

What happens when a computer repairman uncovers evidence of illegal acts on a computer the repairman is servicing? The right thing to do is for the repairman to alert law enforcement authorities. But a case in California has revealed a troubling relationship between the FBI and some employees of a leading national computer service provider. It raises serious questions involving the Fourth Amendment and a person's reasonable expectation of privacy.

Backpage and Nashville Prostitution Charges

Backpage ads go hand in hand with Nashville,Tn. patronizing prostitution charges. Most Nashville prostitution cases start with a false ad set up by the police. A unsuspecting person answers the ad. A confidential informant answers the door and the sting starts. It usually ends with the issuance of a criminal citation for patronizing prostitution.

Getting Off The Tennessee Sex Offender Registry

Having to register as a sex offender is one of the worst consequences getting convicted for a sex offense. It brands you in the eyes of the public. It prevents you from working in certain occupations and living in certain places. And your Tennessee driver's license will be tagged to indicate that you are an offender.

Allegations of sexual misconduct made against Tennessee pastor

Back at the end of June, the Tennessee Department of Children's Services informed the Sheriff's Office in one county that it was investigating an assistant pastor in a neighboring county. The agency claimed that the individual's influence in his county made it unrealistic to conduct an investigation regarding allegations of sexual misconduct made against him. On Oct. 17, he was indicted for sexually abusing and raping two young girls.

Aspects of sex crimes involving child pornography

Tennessee law regarding child pornography mirrors those set forth in federal law. Sex crimes involving these offenses fall into three broad categories -- sexual exploitation of a minor, aggravated exploitation of a minor and especially aggravated exploitation of a minor. Each category covers a different aspect of child pornography.

Judge modifies sentence after criminal trial in Tennessee

In certain circumstances, a person convicted of a crime in Tennessee may request that his or her criminal record be expunged. The possibility was recently granted to a former school teacher when the judge who had presided at her criminal trial reconvened to announce he wanted to modify her sentence. A prosecuting attorney later stated that he personally objected to the judge's decision to modify.

Facing aggressive prosecution, man enters guilty plea

Sometimes the evidence against a Tennessee resident accused of sex crimes is so overwhelming that the risk of going to trial is too great. When that individual is facing aggressive prosecution for a crime under these circumstances, it might be beneficial to work with prosecutors in order to come to an alternative resolution. In these cases, entering a guilty plea could help control the penalties he or she is likely to face.

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