Appealing A DUI Case In Tennessee

It is important to have Nashville Tennessee DUI lawyer who is knowledgeable about appeals, The rules for appeals are extensive, right down to ordering trial transcripts and binding of the legal documents involved and most people do not have the experience or knowledge to proceed with an appeal without counsel. No new evidence may be considered, only what was presented in the original trial. Additionally, anything that is not on the record (hand gestures, comments, requests not made) cannot be brought up in the appeal.

Appeals can actually really make a difference. Because of a really famous appeal which went all the way to the United States supreme court (Gideon v. Wainwright). Up until this appeal was heard and won most states didn't provide defense lawyers to any one that was accused of a crime that did not have the money or other resources to hire a one. Now we take public defenders and court-hired lawyers as a given. This example demonstrates the need for appeals and the difference that a persistent individual could make, no matter what their economic background or role in society is.

Appeals can also have a tremendous effect on future Tennessee drunk driving cases. The drawback with appeals is you must raise all of the issues at or before the trial proceedings. Otherwise, the appellate courts, despite the fact that they agree with your issue, will hold you have waived it.

You'll need a lawyer like Nashville DUI defense attorney Rob McKinney. A knowledgeable Nashville DUI lawyer will know which records to present to the judge in order to show which information is important in reconsidering the case. Once the notice of appeal has been filed, a schedule will be set by the appellate court which will tell when to appear in court as well as when certain papers are to be filed.

DUI Defense Lawyer In Nashville

Just because you have been convicted of a Tennessee DUI does not mean that your case is closed. If you feel that you were treated unfairly, received too harsh a penalty, your legal representation was incompetent, or you feel that your rights were violated, there is still hope.

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