Don't Give Blood Unless It's To The Red Cross

At the Law Firm of Rob McKinney, we have a saying that there is only one organization you should give blood to — the Red Cross. Although law enforcement may pressure you to submit to a DUI blood alcohol test, doing so is usually not in your best interests.

If you have already taken a DUI blood test, however, do not give up hope. The test results are not infallible. In fact, in today's world of advanced forensic science, there are more defenses against DUI charges than ever before.

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Challenging Blood Alcohol Test Results

With more than 20 years of experience and many qualifications as a Nashville DUI defense attorney, Mr. McKinney has the skill and legal knowledge you are looking for in your case. He will investigate every aspect of the blood draw and determine if there are any flaws in the prosecution's case. Such flaws may include:

  • Your blood was drawn by an unlicensed person.
  • The testing equipment was not properly calibrated.
  • Your blood was not drawn within the correct time frame.
  • Your blood sample was not stored or preserved correctly.
  • The sample was fermented, resulting in a higher BAC.
  • Proper chain of custody procedures was violated.

Free Consultation About DUI Blood Tests In Tennessee

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