Sobriety Test Refusal

If you were arrested recently on suspicion of drunk driving, the police officer may have requested that you submit to a field sobriety test, blood test, breath test or urine test. However, many people in Tennessee have heard misconceptions about refusing sobriety tests. Some people think that refusing tests is an effective way to protect their driver's license.

Although field sobriety tests are unreliable, you can have your license suspended for refusing to submit to a test. If your driver's license was suspended after your refusal to submit to a DUI sobriety test, an experienced Nashville lawyer can protect your rights.

Attorney Rob McKinney has dedicated his entire career to defending individuals facing drunk driving and other criminal charges. With 20 years of experience, we know that a hands-on, detail-oriented approach helps us protect clients from the severe consequences of a conviction.

Penalties If You Refused A Breathalyzer Or Field Sobriety Testing

Once you are arrested, the police officer should tell you that your driver's license will be suspended if you refuse to submit to field sobriety tests. In addition, if you were driving with a suspended license because you caused an accident in which someone else was seriously injured or killed, a sobriety test refusal carries even heavier penalties.

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