Defense of Underage Drinking Charges

Many parents are understandably upset when they learn that their child has been arrested for underage drinking. You may be tempted to let your child "face the music." Unfortunately, today's criminal justice system can deal out consequences that are out of proportion to the offense.

Since 1994, the Law Office of Rob McKinney has defended college and high school students in Nashville and surrounding communities who have been arrested for crimes such as juvenile drinking and underage DUI.

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Don't Let A One-Time Mistake Become A Permanent Criminal Record

Forty years ago a young person stopped for underage drinking at a local campus in Tennessee would probably have been sent home with a warning. Today, he or she is likely to be charged with one of two crimes:

  • Consumption of alcohol under 21
  • Possession of alcohol under 21
  • Using a false ID to obtain the alcohol, resulting in a separate charge

Most alcohol-related crimes are Class A misdemeanors, which are not likely to result in jail time. However, a misdemeanor conviction would result in a permanent criminal record that could affect your child's future opportunities for education and employment.

When a young person faces criminal charges, it is important to resolve the charges without a conviction. Nashville attorney Rob McKinney is usually able to resolve underage drinking charges without a damaging conviction.

Defense Of Teenage Drinking Charges In Tennessee

Nashville underage drinking lawyer Rob McKinney has the experience needed to protect your child's rights and advocate for a positive resolution to his or her case. To arrange a free initial consultation, please contact us online or call 615-686-2115.