Arrested For Domestic Violence? Get Help Today.

Domestic violence is not a criminal charge, but a category of crime that makes other criminal charges more serious.

At the Law Office of Rob McKinney, we defend people accused of spousal abuse or charged with any domestic violence-related offenses, including:

Same Actions, Different Outcome

If you hit someone in a fight, you would likely be charged with misdemeanor assault. If that person was your spouse, child, parent, another member of your household or someone you either now date or once dated, it would be considered a domestic assault. If convicted, you would:

  • Pay a higher fine
  • Potentially spend more time in jail
  • Be unable to possess any type of firearm, permanently
  • Not be treated equally in child custody and visitation decisions made in Family Court

In addition, you may be named in an order of protection (restraining order), which would require you to leave your home and cease all contact with the victim. Violations of the order could result in more serious penalties.

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