Aggravated Assault In Domestic Violence Cases

Since 2011, a strangulation law related to domestic assault has been in effect in Tennessee. According to this law, attempting or intending to cause bodily injury by strangulation leads to criminal charges of aggravated assault. This type of offense is defined by restriction of airflow of the victim and typically happens in domestic violence cases.

Another form of domestic aggravated assault involves committing domestic assault while an order of protection is still in effect. Even a simple infraction of an order of protection can elevate criminal charges to the status of a felony.

Domestic assault involving possession of or use of a deadly weapon is yet another way that assault charges can result in domestic aggravated assault charges.

If any of these descriptions of allegations that lead to domestic aggravated assault charges sounds familiar, your need for knowledgeable criminal defense is urgent. The sooner you have an experienced lawyer working on your case, the more opportunities there may be for a favorable outcome such as:

  • Charges dropped
  • Charges reduced to simple assault
  • Penalties reduced
  • Misdemeanor rather than felony status
  • No jail time
  • Anger management classes in lieu of jail time
  • Probation

No defense attorney can promise any particular outcome in a criminal case. However, clients of the Law Office of Rob McKinney have reassurance by way of Mr. McKinney's strong track record. Discuss your case with Mr. McKinney and explore avenues that may have the desired effect in your case.

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