Violations Of Orders Of Protection

If someone has an ex parte or formal order of protection against you, you must take it seriously. Law enforcement does not need a warrant to arrest you for violating an order of protection.

If you call, email or text that person, repeatedly drive past his or her workplace or harass him or her in any other manner, you will face 10 days of jail time and a $50 fine per incident. Plus, if you are found guilty of committing simple assault against that person, the offense will be increased to the Class C felony of aggravated assault.

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Did The Other Person Contact You, Not The Other Way Around?

You should be aware that unlike in many states, Tennessee does not assume that you are innocent just because the other person is the one who initiated contact. For instance, if the person with the order of protection against you sends you an email and you respond, you may still be found guilty of violating the order.

Free Consultation About Violations Of Orders Of Protection

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