Highway Drug Interdiction Defense Attorney

Police officers are often perched in strategic areas around Interstate 40, Interstate 24 or Interstate 65. Their goal is to pull over cars that they suspect may contain drugs. At the law office of Rob McKinney, Attorney at Law, in Nashville, Tennessee, we zealously represent our clients who have been charged with drug crimes as a result of the police practice of highway drug interdiction that seems more focused on generating revenue than stopping the drug trade.

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Working To Exclude Illegally Obtained Evidence

Many times, reasons for pulling over a car randomly are manufactured by the police officer and are considered more of a passive response. For probable cause to stop a car and perform a search and seizure by a police officer or dog "trained" to find drugs there must have been a valid suspicion of drug possession. At the Law Office of Rob McKinney, we focus on the motivations of that initial traffic stop and move to suppress any evidence obtained in the absence of probable cause.

Cutting-Edge Defense In Criminal And Civil Forfeiture Proceedings

Traffic stops that are random and drug arrests that result from happenstance are a violation of your constitutional rights. Sadly, some police officers engage in a form of racial profiling, targeting one specific race and pulling them over in the hopes of finding drugs and money. By seizing the car and any cash and starting the process of a civil forfeiture proceeding, they are infusing revenue into their own police department.

Criminal defense attorney Rob McKinney monitors the civil rights aspects of your highway drug interdiction case while diligently attending to the criminal issues. Police officers working in tandem by sitting on the side of the road with binoculars are violating the rights of many individuals stopped randomly for no reason or, worse yet, because of their race.

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