Experienced Liquor License Counsel In Nashville

A crucial part of business formation, development and management is compliance with municipal and state laws and regulations. This is especially true for small business owners who operate liquor stores, bars, restaurants, hotels, music venues or other organizations that consistently or occasionally serve alcohol.

Don't Risk Your Business By Not Knowing The Law

Failure to consider the nuances of liquor law in Tennessee can leave you with violations that land you with steep fines or liquor license suspension/revocation — things that can jeopardize your business overall.

Make sure you have an experienced liquor license defense attorney to help you. Ask us your questions. Call 615-686-2115 for a free consultation.

At the Law Office of Rob McKinney, we represent business owners in permitting and licensing matters related to serving, selling and distributing spirits, wine or beer. Attorney Rob McKinney leads our firm with more than 20 years of attorney experience.

We Know Liquor Licensing

Mr. McKinney provides unique insight into Tennessee liquor licensing and beer permits. When you work with him, you are working with a lawyer who directly served on the Davidson County Beer Permit Board for several years.

Mr. McKinney knows what these committees need from license or permit applicants, and what beer permit board/ABC compliance measures can be put in place to protect or reinstate an alcohol license that is in jeopardy due to violations.