About Our Services

From our office in Nashville, Tennessee, we help business owners obtain proper licenses/permits, comply with strict regulations and protect their licenses after a violation. We work with owners and managers of bars, restaurants, grocery stores, music venues, hotels, liquor stores and other businesses that need a liquor license or beer permit to sustain operations.

Your Attorney

Our liquor license defense law firm is led by attorney Rob McKinney. He offers decades of experience in a wide range of legal matters, with a special emphasis on license defense and related matters.

To learn more about Mr. McKinney's career experience, follow the link below or call our office today at 615-686-2115 for a free initial consultation about your license/permit needs.

Personal Service For Applications, Compliance And Defense In Hearings

Over the years, we have worked with clients at various stages of the liquor licensing and beer permitting process. We strongly encourage any business owner to retain experienced counsel at the outset of the application process. Early influence from a skilled lawyer can help prevent/remedy issues of:

The best way to prevent violations or license revocations is to understand your legal obligations and employ preventative measures that keep your organization compliant. Attorney Rob McKinney can work with you personally to make sure your business gets the permits it needs, and keeps them.

Contact our office in Nashville, Tennessee, online or by telephone at 615-686-2115 to arrange a meeting and discuss your business's needs.