Beer Permit Suspension And Revocation Hearings

A suspended or revoked beer permit can turn your business on its head, sometimes completely halting operations. To best protect your business, make sure you are well-versed in your obligations as a liquor store, bar, restaurant, brewery or other beer purveyor in Tennessee.

When Your Business Was Caught In Violation

No matter how well you know the law, you may still end up facing a suspended or revoked beer permit. This most commonly happens when an employee failed to verify a customer's age when serving beer. It may also happen when beer is served off location, outside of specified times or in another manner that violates a regulation. These things can be overlooked in day-to-day operations.

At the Law Office of Rob McKinney, we understand that a beer permit violation is often just an accident or the result of misinformation. It should not prevent you from owning and operating a successful business altogether. For help defending your beer license, call us at 615-686-2115.

Fortunately, county-level beer permit boards understand that mistakes happen. They want to see businesses thrive – they simply must enforce strict beer regulations. They need clear evidence that proper measures are in place to ensure beer distribution and sales law compliance.

Knowledge Of Beer Permit Suspension/Revocation Hearings

When you work with our law firm, you will have representation from an experienced defense lawyer who knows this area of law intimately. Attorney Rob McKinney served for several years on a local beer permit board. He knows what these organizations are looking for in initial applications, in ongoing compliance and particularly in hearings that help lift beer permit suspensions or revocations.

Mr. McKinney can work with you to ensure a persuasive and comprehensive liquor license defense is presented to county-level beer boards across Tennessee. From our office in Nashville, we handle matters throughout the state. Arrange a free initial consultation by contacting us online or by telephone at 615-686-2115.