Liquor License Suspensions And Revocations

Even if you know Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) rules and regulations, and train your employees to follow them, your business can still end up the subject of an investigation or sting that exposes violations. It only takes one oversight to cause a serious problem.

If you are facing liquor license suspension or license revocation, call the Law Office of Rob McKinney at 615-686-2115. We can represent your interests in administrative hearings with the TABC and help you implement compliance measures that give the TABC confidence in your business.

What Can Be Done To Get My Liquor License Back?

When the Law Enforcement division of the TABC reprimands a business for a liquor license violation, they are doing so out of a legal obligation. Overall, however, the TABC wants to support businesses and help them retain their liquor licenses. Supporting small businesses like liquor stores, bars, restaurants, event venues and distributors is good for the Tennessee economy.

When your license has been suspended or revoked, the TABC will want to see clear and comprehensive evidence that you are taking steps to remedy the circumstances that led to a violation. For example:

  • Implementing an effective employee training program on the rules and regulations of your liquor license
  • Investing in devices that prevent violations, such as ID scanners that make it easy for employees to verify a patron's age (prevention of selling to minors)
  • Applying for and maintaining a license that more appropriately matches your business's operational needs

A Lawyer Who Knows What Works

As a former beer board member, attorney Rob McKinney understands the perspective of government agencies and regulatory commissions like the TABC and county-level beer boards. He can coach you through the licensing process and compliance matters. Furthermore, he can represent you in administrative hearings to help you get your license back in good standing.

Contact our office to arrange a free consultation and learn more about your options. Our office in Nashville, Tennessee, can be reached online or by telephone at 615-686-2115.