Obtaining And Keeping Your Beer Permit License

The most effective way to remedy a beer permit suspension or revocation is to prevent it. If you are a business owner, exercise due diligence. Know your legal obligations for selling beer in Tennessee when you are acquiring a new business, expanding an existing business or otherwise are concerned with liquor law compliance.

The Law Office of Rob McKinney in Nashville, Tennessee, is led by a lawyer who intimately knows what beer boards look for when granting permits for Tennessee beer purveyors.

"I served on a local beer board for several years. I saw how things worked. Once my term was up, I thought I'd start helping people more effectively manage this crucial part of their businesses." – Attorney Rob McKinney

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  • The beer and wine license/permit application process
  • Which information is integral to a thorough and approval-ready application
  • What type of permit is right for your business's needs
  • How to remain compliant with beer distribution regulations
  • Requirements for keeping your license/permit
  • What can be done if your business violates a regulation

Knowledge Of Complex, County-Specific Beer Laws

If you sell spirits or wine, you need to deal with Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission ( TABC) certification. If you sell beer, however, you could be dealing with one or multiple county-level beer permit boards. While beer distribution laws are relatively similar, there are typically key differences from county to county. If you are choosing to sell or serve beer at one location, or multiple locations across Tennessee, you need to know and follow the county-specific laws.

This can be especially difficult as you are planning for a new business investment. Perhaps you are opening a second location for your restaurant in another jurisdiction. Perhaps the nature of your business involves beer and wine sales in different areas. As you plan for new business development, make sure you have experienced licensing and permit counsel.

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