Results-Oriented Representation In Probate Disputes

It can be frustrating, even heartbreaking, to see the estate of a loved one tied up in a dispute over the probate process or the provisions in a will. If your inheritance is threatened by such a dispute, you should speak with an attorney experienced in such cases.

I am Rob McKinney, a Tennessee attorney who has been representing clients in estate litigation cases for more than 20 years. I am results-oriented, providing skillful advocacy at all stages of the legal process.

My law firm handles probate litigation cases involving:

  • Mismanagement by an executor
  • Executors who fail to distribute estate property in accordance with the decedent's wishes
  • Unnecessary delays in the probate process and distribution of property
  • Disputes involving specific provisions in a will
  • People who believe they have been willfully or inadvertently omitted as beneficiaries
  • People receiving only a nominal amount in a will who believe they are entitled to more
  • People who have been disinherited from a will
  • Widow's rights (petition for elective share)

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Nashville And Murfreesboro Contested Probate Lawyer

When you retain my firm, I will conduct a comprehensive investigation of the factual and legal issues in your case. This will include an analysis of the motivations of the various parties, the financial issues and the sequence of actions and events leading to the dispute. When necessary, I can augment my investigations with research conducted by a forensic accountant, private investigator or other specialists who can shed light on the matter in question. Element by element, my law firm will work diligently to build a successful case for you.

Though some probate disputes are resolved outside of court, there is a strong possibility that your case will go to trial. As a courtroom advocate, I have extensive trial experience in cases involving probate disputes and contested wills. If a trial is necessary, I will use my advocacy skills to present a strong and compelling case for you.

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