Resolving Disputes Among Siblings

Siblings and step siblings do not always get along well. Parents are often able to smooth over sibling disputes and rivalries among step siblings. But what happens after both parents pass away? Often, feelings of anger that a brother did not help with care in the final years or resentment that a sister was always treated better can bubble to the surface.

These feelings may translate into arguments over a will or the meaning of provisions in a will. In these cases, you need to consult an experienced lawyer.

Family Inheritance Issues

Many issues can negatively affect your inheritance. A sister who lived down the block from your parents may be the only one included in a will, while you and a brother receive nothing. A revised draft of the will may leave everything to a caretaker.

Testamentary capacity may be an issue. Did a sibling exert influence to force a parent to make changes to a will? Was a parent of sound mind to understand what he or she was doing when leaving everything to the caregiver?

Negotiation or mediation may resolve a will dispute, but sometimes a trial is required when there has been a history of animosity among siblings. I do not shy away from difficult cases and I have more than 20 years' experience in the local courts of middle Tennessee. When you need a strong advocate, I will ensure that you are heard and your rights are protected.

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