Were You Left Out Of A Will?

Were you left out of a will? While you may not have known exactly how much your parents had in investments, you probably expected to be included in their will. It can come as a complete shock to be left out of a will or awarded a much smaller portion of assets than others.

If you have concerns upon receiving a copy of a will after the death of a close relative, I can answer your questions. Depending on the circumstances, there could be several ways to challenge the validity of the will in court.

For more than 20 years, I have successfully handled a variety of estate litigation, including will contest cases, in the Nashville courts. I am comfortable in the courtroom and will not back down if we are unable to reach a favorable result through negotiation or mediation.

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I have represented family members across middle Tennessee who were completely or partially disinherited.

Undue Influence And Mental Capacity

To challenge a will, you must have standing — you either need to be an immediate heir under Tennessee law (generally a child or nephew/niece of a childless relative) or included in a prior will.

Undue influence can be an issue when a sibling or caregiver isolates an elderly individual and then exerts pressure to change that person's will. If your loved one was starting to slip toward the end, mental capacity could also be at issue.

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