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Your loved one worked for a lifetime to build his or her estate. Now it is threatened by a dispute that could diminish its value or rob you of your rightful inheritance. If you are facing a dispute over an inheritance or the validity of a will, you need strong and effective legal representation as soon as possible.

My name is Rob McKinney, a Nashville will contest lawyer who represents plaintiffs and defendants in contest litigation. I provide results-oriented representation designed to achieve my clients' goals. When you retain my law firm, I will work diligently on your behalf, building a strong case and protecting your interests.

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Nashville And Murfreesboro Contested Estate Attorney

In a case involving a disputed will, there are two major issues:

Standing — To challenge a will, you must be an heir in the eyes of the law or have been named as an heir in a prior will.

Validity — You must also show by concrete evidence that the will is not valid in some way. It may be that the will does not state the true intentions of the decedent, that undue influence was used to induce the decedent to create a new will, the will was forged or it is invalid for some other reason.

In your case, I will carefully examine all relevant documents and information relating to your case to determine the best legal strategy to use. You can assist in this effort by providing me with relevant documents, such as letters, emails and journals, that shed light on your loved one's intentions.

An Experienced Trial Advocate

Many disputed will cases are resolved in mediation, while others must go to trial. I have extensive experience in both venues. If a trial is necessary, I will strongly advocate for your interests, presenting the evidence in a compelling way and seeking to win your case.

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