Nursing License Defense Attorney

Some nurses may face the possible loss of their licenses for reasons entirely unrelated to the performance of their professional duties, such as failure to pay a student loan or a criminal arrest. Other license suspension or revocation actions come about because the nurse failed to keep proper patient records or was impaired by drugs or alcohol while on the job.

A call by an investigator for the Tennessee Board of Nursing is a clear and present threat to your license and your livelihood. If you have received such a call or have reason to think that your license is at risk, you should contact an attorney experienced in the defense of professional licenses as soon as possible.

Rob McKinney provides aggressive representation for nurses and other licensed professionals whose licenses are under review by the Tennessee Board of Nursing. Mr. McKinney works diligently to protect the licenses of nurses and to minimize any adverse consequences resulting from license investigations, reviews and hearings.

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How We Can Help

When you choose Rob McKinney to represent you, he will undertake a comprehensive review of the sequence of events leading to the investigation and develop an appropriate response.

Depending on circumstances, Mr. McKinney may be able to put the matter to rest through discussions with the investigator or attorney for the board. Other cases may require representation in a hearing. Whatever the nature of your case, you can depend on Rob McKinney to do everything he can to obtain positive results for you.

Drug And Alcohol Use By Nurses

Nurses whose licenses are threatened or suspended because of impairment by alcohol, drugs, psychological or physiological conditions may be able to get help from the Tennessee Professional Assistance Program (TNPAP). If you have a drug or alcohol problem, this program can provide you with treatment and support on a confidential basis and without informing the Tennessee Board of Nursing.

If your case has already been referred to the Board for disciplinary review, it may be possible to obtain an outcome in which your license is suspended, but the suspension is stayed pending the successful completion of the TNPAP contract. The services of an experienced nursing license defense attorney can be instrumental in obtaining such an outcome.

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