Accused Of A Sex Crime? We Will Fight For You.

A conviction for a sex crime and the subsequent sentence extends beyond the walls of a prison. Sex crimes are becoming more high profile every day with constant news stories detailing the activities of various sex offenders. At the law office of Rob McKinney, Attorney at Law, in Nashville, Tennessee, we defend clients fighting these and other sex crime charges:

Uncovering The True Facts Of Your Case

Cases involving sex crimes are emotionally charged. The stigma of the arrest alone can ruin a reputation. At the Law Office of Rob McKinney, we try to eliminate the emotional components and get right to the facts, which include securing forensic evidence.

The Draconian rules that surround sex crimes cases require us to take an aggressive stance in defending your rights. Our Nashville sex crimes law firm looks at police interrogation techniques that may have resulted in a confession. Many times, the alleged underage victim is improperly interviewed and sometimes coached or conditioned to give a certain response by repeated questioning.

Fighting Sex Offender Registration

Following a prison term, you will be forced to register as a sex offender, which is akin to a life sentence for your crime. Depending on the level that you are assigned, day care centers, schools and other facilities that house children will have to be notified. Neighbors will attend community meetings and your face will likely be plastered on the front of the local newspaper and possibly on various websites.

Consult Our Tennessee Sex Crimes Lawyer For Free

Do not let the prosecution trample on your rights. The consequences of conviction on a charge of statutory rape or sexual assault of a minor are too great. For more information or to schedule an appointment with a lawyer experienced in defending his clients against allegations of sex crimes, please call 615-686-2115 or contact us through this website.