Out-Of-State Sex Offenders

Attorney Rob McKinney defends people charged with various sex offenses. He understands the complex social and legal challenges facing individuals who are facing allegations of a sex crime — and he understands the challenges facing these individuals when faced with the realities of sex offender registration.

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Information For Out-Of-State Sex Offenders

The laws applying to individuals who have been convicted of a sex crime are complex to say the least. If you are seeking individualized help, please contact our office. Otherwise, read the following for a basic guide to these requirements:

  • According to Tennessee law, a "sexual offender" is defined as an individual who has committed a sexual offense in Tennessee. This can include individuals convicted of sexual battery, rape, sexual exploitation of a child, indecent exposure and other offenses.
  • An offender from another state must register with Tennessee law enforcement within 48 hours of establishing residency in Tennessee. According to Tennessee law, a primary residence means any place a sexual offender lives for five or more consecutive days.
  • An offender must also notify authorities of a change in employment status such as the loss of a job, changing jobs, a change in hours, adding a job, etc.
  • A sexual offender in Tennessee must register with law enforcement within 48 hours of moving — either within the state or to another state.

You may wish to speak to a criminal defense lawyer if you are planning to move to Tennessee and you are registered as a sexual offender in another state, or if you are a resident of Tennessee and you are looking to move to another state.

The results of misunderstanding these laws and making an error can be devastating. Before you move, change jobs or make any other major life changes, be sure that you understand what your obligations are.

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