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I am a previous client of Mr. McKinney and I don't need to be contacted. I simply wanted to send a message of gratitude to everyone in this practice. Thank you all so very much for your diligence, hard work, and perseverance.

Thank you for helping me when I didn't see any hope available. Thank you for helping me to not only resolve a recent legal matter, but also pointing me in the direction of freedom from a past criminal record. I am clean and free, and I have a clear record for the first time in 12 years.

I will be forever grateful and I wanted you to know that everything you all have done will never be forgotten. I will remember and I hope to encourage anyone reading this that what you do is meaningful in the lives of people like me. Have a blessed day and keep being awesome.


Thank you for helping John with the case filed against him. It was a stressful time and your reassurance and expertise were essential in reaching a successful result.

My family will always be grateful to you.

Mr. McKinney,

I just wanted you to know how thankful I am for all you did to represent me. The hole seemed to keep getting bigger the last few years, it was not pleasant, to say the least, with many negative consequences. I prayed so much for the right outcome and someone to help. You were an answered prayer and restored my faith. The negatives and hardships I went through along the way have made me a stronger and wiser woman.

Thank you again for not just doing your job well, but doing the best you could for me and caring. I will be forever grateful!



I wanted to thank you so much for helping me with my legal troubles and for doing so, so generously. I feel very blessed and appreciative for your kindness.

Thank you,

Mr. McKinney,

We owe you so much for helping us and our son. We appreciate your legal expertise and support you gave our son this April.

Melissa and Alan

Thanks for everything, Rob. We really appreciate all you did for us. Have a good summer.


Rob McKinney is a very helpful person. As an attorney he is very understanding and very helpful. By all means he has changed some things in my life that could have been a lot worse that what it could have been. He is the type of attorney who listens to your problem instead of not caring about what is going on just to get your money. So with that being said, if you ever need help in any type of criminal situation, he is the man to call. Thank you for all you have done!!!



Thank you so much! Little words cannot express the gratitude we have for you! From the very first day we walked into your office, we had complete confidence in you and your staff. That day I was in tears and my fiancé was beyond words, we left your office with a great deal of confidence and much less stress. The office staff was always extraordinarily nice and you put us at ease each time we spoke. Throughout the case, you always kept the same calm demeanor that everything would work out as it did! You were so much more than a lawyer to us; you were a friend! We recommend you to anyone and everyone as "THE BEST" lawyer! Thanks again for everything!

Jack and Jessi

There are precious times in our lives when we are blessed with people who make a difference. Although at times we may not have the right words to express just how grateful we are, we truly are grateful. God has brought you into our life, and we are forever thankful for you and all that you have done, even if at times we may not say so. The picture included is of our daughter. We believe that it is she who will benefit the most from what you have done for us. Because of you, her father will be returned to her soon. That is why I would like to say thank you. People may not take the time to acknowledge the great work that you do or have done, but we want you to know that we do.

Thank you so very much — Nathan

Thank you so very much Rob,

My regret is that we met under such a circumstance; my second regret is that we did not seek you sooner. Joshua's father did something good when he introduced us to you. You have been so important to us. Some good comes from every misfortune; we were able to know you and appreciate your talent.

Maybe Josh will further his education. If so, this money will help him.

We will never forget you,
Thank you Robin,
(names omitted to protect confidentiality)

Dear Rob,

I wanted to take this time to sincerely thank you for your success in my court case on May 6. I know this is a little delayed as I have been busy as we all are ... Anyway, I want you to know how much I appreciate your attention to detail and your professionalism. I made it through the 48 hours and have put it past me. Thanks once more for your ability to get it reduced and if I ever need legal assistance in the future, you have proven yourself to me.




Thank you for always taking care of Charles, Jessica and Drew for me. Without your help, I would not know what to do or who to turn to. You are more to us than just a lawyer. You are a friend and someone who is always there for us.

Thank you,


Dear Rob,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have been doing for me. It's comforting to know I've got you on my side. You're the BEST!!

Thanks again,


P.S. — I really can't thank you enough.


Thank you so very much for all you have done and are still doing. Thank you for being such a great attorney in our time of need. You made a difficult situation endurable.



Rob was the attorney I hired to defend me for a DUI arrest I experienced in 2007. It took place in a TN county (Williamson) that is notorious for refusing to plead down DUIs to lesser charges under any circumstances, and for insisting on nothing less than at least the minimum sentencing requirements for this offense. Upon the very first viewing of my "arrest tape" that we were finally allowed to see, along with the arresting officer, Rob was able to spot the officer giving me a bad command, starting me out on the wrong foot. Rob, himself, has been through field sobriety courses, has achieved certification, and knows the correct procedures the officers should follow. When he pointed this out to him, the officer was evidently rattled enough to realize that he had even more to lose than just the case if it went to trial. This one factor influenced heavily the outcome of my case. Rob was able to help me plead to a lesser charge of reckless driving, with no jail time, and six months of probation. I thoroughly believe that if Rob had not brought this to the attention of the officer during our viewing of the tape, we might have had to go through an even more protracted period of having to wait, and then go through a stressful trial. My case, otherwise, was one that most people, with untrained eyes, would view as "borderline." I did not deserve to be penalized to the degree that the county of Williamson was set on, and Rob McKinney made sure that it did not happen. I highly, unreservedly, recommend Rob McKinney to assist you in your DUI case. He is fierce and fearless when it comes to supporting his clients. July 23, 2008