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January 2013 Archives

Maryville man's future pending trial after fatal 2012 wreck

The question of fault in a car accident is one that may be open to interpretation. If an accident results in a death and that death leads to accusations of vehicular assault or homicide, the future of the person charged in the case could be in jeopardy. It is wrong to presume guilt, though it is common to do exactly that.

State legislator receives sentence for drunk driving arrest

Being pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving can happen to anyone. Whether you've had one or two cocktails, the possibility is very real that you could be pulled over. When you are a public figure and get pulled over, it becomes the headline of the week. This is what happened to State Rep. Curry Todd in October 2011 when he was pulled over in Nashville, Tennessee, on suspicion of drunk driving.

Complexities mean Tennessee DUI case deserves individual handling

The nuances of the law are not for the faint of heart. Those who practice the law go to great lengths to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to be able to understand the text of the laws and then present arguments that allow courts and juries to consider new ways of interpreting what that text means.

Unwarranted BAC tests get mixed Supreme Court reaction

As we've written about before in this blog, Tennessee has a new law in force that allows police to collect blood samples of those suspected of driving under the influence. The "no-refusal" law, however, stipulates that the blood draw can only occur if a driver refuses a request for a test and once the officer has obtained a warrant from a judge.

Tennessee Highway Patrol reports uptick in holiday DUI arrests

Drinking and driving isn't an issue that is limited to the holiday weekends in Tennessee. But with the holidays may come a relaxed attitude about what it means to act responsibly. Anyone who pays attention to the news knows that police certainly do all they can to step up awareness about the bane of drunk driving during the holidays. It's enough to make one wonder just how different rates are for DUI arrests during holidays compared to all other weekends in a year.


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