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February 2013 Archives

Clarksville looking to publicity to prevent drunk driving

Driving under the influence is against the law. That's as it should be. The danger that a drunk driver poses to him or herself and to others who are on the road is high. The people of any Tennessee community have a right to feel secure from such lapses in behavior.

Randy Travis looking forward after wave of DWI-related issues

Country singer Randy Travis is looking to get back into the concert tour saddle after working his way through criminal court visits for charges of driving while intoxicated. The 53-year-old crooner is slated to hit the boards starting in March with concerts that include three appearances in Nashville with the Nashville Symphony.

Breath test accuracy faces challenge before 1 state Supreme Court

When police stop a driver suspected of driving under the influence, it is not uncommon for them to perform a whole range of tests on the individual in an attempt to gather evidence of impairment. The problem with these practices is that they are largely subjective. Even when electronic breath test tools are employed, the human element can still lead to errors.


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