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April 2013 Archives

3 Doors Down bassist facing Tennessee vehicular homicide charges

Among the news items getting a lot of attention around Nashville in the past few days has been the arrest of 3 Doors Down bassist Robert Todd Harrell. The musician was booked last weekend in connection with a fatal vehicle accident that occurred late Friday on Interstate 40. He's now free on bond and at last word had voluntarily entered a treatment facility.

Supreme Court rejects warrantless blood test of DUI suspect

U.S. law guarantees the right of the individual to be free from warrantless searches and seizures by police. Over the course of more than 200 years, the boundaries of that tenet have been tested, leading courts in Tennessee and at the federal level to weigh in on the issue.

Nashville officer's DUI case accents value of legal counsel

Lawmakers and law enforcement officials in Tennessee and the rest of the United States face a particularly tough challenge when it comes to addressing the negative consequences that can result when individuals get drunk. The Prohibition era represents one example of how hard it can be to balance social order and individual rights.


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