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Suspected driver charged in wreck that left 3 injured

Three vehicular assault charges are only a few of the allegations now facing a 20-year-old Tennessee woman after a single-car accident last week. Report say she was unhurt in the crash, but three others riding in the car she was alleged to have been driving at the time were injured.

Authorities in Madison County say the crash occurred in the early morning hours of May 23. Apparently the vehicle ran off the road and flipped over, landing in a creek. What caused the apparent loss of control is not identified.

Officials say the three passengers, a 19-year-old male and two 20-year-old females, were airlifted a hospital in Memphis. At the time this post is written, the word is that all are recovering. Two were said to be in stable condition. The third reportedly was in critical condition. The exact nature of their injuries was not immediately available.

A statement from the sheriff's department says that they arrested the woman suspected of being the driver. In addition to three vehicular assault charges, they say they arrested her on suspicion of driving under the influence, possession of marijuana and reckless driving. She was released on bond after her arrest and was slated to appear for formal arraignment this week. There's no word at this time as to whether that appearance took place or what transpired.

The drug and DUI-related charges in this case appear to stem simply from investigators' discovery of beer and marijuana in the wreckage of the vehicle. It bears repeating at this point that suspicions by authorities do not a conviction make. Based on evidence available from existing reports, it would seem fair to question whether impairment, rather than a deer in the road, was the cause of the crash. And it would seem equally fair to question whether someone other than the suspect actually owned the drugs that were found.

Source: WBBJ-TV, "Woman Charged after Crash Injures Three People," May 23, 2013


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