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July 2013 Archives

Solid felony DUI defense demands check of all the facts

When a person is facing felony charges of driving under the influence in Tennessee, it is not a situation that should be faced without the help of an attorney. The possible consequences if a conviction is obtained are simply too great for the allegation to go undefended.

More arrests likely with eased Tennessee DUI blood test rules

New rules related to how police collect evidence in cases of suspected drunk driving are now in effect in Tennessee. That happened as of the first of this month. It's a development that all drivers should be aware of in order to avoid possible dire consequences.

Nashville man says fatal DUI crash not his fault

A Nashville man is being held in another state after an accident last weekend that left one person dead and three others injured. Authorities are recommending that the Tennessee resident be charged with driving while intoxicated, motor vehicle homicide and two counts of serious injury. The 31-year-old defendant insists the accident was not his fault.

How to Check Your Criminal Court Date in Nashville,Tn. ?

One important date you need to keep up with if you have been charged with a crime in Nashville,Tn. is your court date. Miss your court date and a capias and failure to appear might be issued. Miss a court date and your bail bond might be increased.

Montgomery County man suspected in fatal boating accident

Tennessee state officials are reportedly continuing the investigation into a fatal boating accident last Saturday on the Cumberland River near Clarksville. Whether that is an indication that additional criminal charges related to the case could be forthcoming is unclear, but it might be possible.


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