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October 2013 Archives

TBI lab error brings thousands of DUI cases into question

When the prosecution puts scientific test results from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in front of a jury, there's a certain presumption that the data is accurate. Indeed, some legal experts might make the observation that because the results come from a noted lab, they must be infallible.

3 convicted in deadly DUIs seek appeal citing lack of intent

Intent is something that carries a lot of weight in a court of law. In some instances, the laws of a given state may allow the prosecution to bring charges based on claims that alleged actions of defendants, such as driving under the influence, reflect intentional indifference for the safety of others, which merits harsher punishment.

Jury deadlock leads to mistrial in fatal Knoxville accident

Very often, when Tennessee prosecutors level vehicular homicide charges against individuals, evidence of alcohol can become an aggravating factor. But even if alcohol impairment isn't suspected, a conviction for vehicular homicide may be sought.


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