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How We Handle a DUI Case in Nashville Tennessee

Once someone is arrested for a DUI, they most likely Google "Who is the best DUI lawyer in Nashville." One does their research on the DUI attorney to obtain more information and then set an appointment to discuss the case. One meets with the attorney and decides to hire them, but what goes on behind the scenes? How does the DUI lawyer work or not work the case? Here is some information on what our office does to prepare the defense in a DUI case:

1. Office Meetings: I like to meet my clients prior to their first court date. I know some attorneys may just want to meet in court. These lawyers charge less but the key to successfully handling a DUI case is information. At our initial meeting, we get all of the facts, discuss possible defenses and discuss the consequences of a DUI charge. This is the beginning of your defense.

2. Questionnaire: We ask all clients to fill out a DUI questionnaire. It helps provide more detailed facts about the case. Some medical conditions may affect field sobriety testing and breath test results. No detail goes unnoticed.

3. Fee Agreement: All of our agreements to represent our clients are in writing. It details the represented agreement between our office and the client with no hidden surprise fees.

4. Warrant: We review the arrest warrant(s) in each case to determine the issues. An arrest warrant contains a short narrative of the facts of the case.

5. Video: In some Nashville DUI cases, there will be a video of the arrest. Not all Metro Nashville Police cars are equipped with a video camera. Only DUI enforcement officers have video recorders in their cars. If there is a video, we will request a copy and review it to determine any potential issues in the case.

6. Investigation, Research and Preparation: These are all vital to a successful outcome on a Nashville DUI case. The keys to a successful defense start prior to court. Our goal is to prepare each case as if it is going to Trial. Preparing helps drive plea bargain offers to lesser charges.

If you have been charged with Drunk Driving in Nashville, we would be honored to sit down with you to find a solution to your problem.