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Driver Accused of 7 DUIs

The combination of alcohol and driving is an unfortunate one in states across the country, including in Tennessee. Police officers are vigilant and watch for signs that a driver may be inebriated or otherwise incapable of driving safely. Of course, the officers can't prevent every incident, but they are able to take drivers off the road if they are under the influence, such as they did in a recent case involving DUI charges.

In this case, policemen pulled over a driver they suspected of being inebriated. While an alcohol level of .08 in someone's system is legally drunk in Tennessee, this man tested at .33. This was more than four times the legal limit, and he was arrested for a DUI.

It was his seventh arrest for the same offense. A spokesperson for the West Tennessee affiliate for Mothers Against Drunken Driving suggested that there was probably an underlying alcohol addiction. She also expressed being glad that the man was in jail and would not be on the roads again the near future.

Since it is the man's seventh DUI, he pleaded guilty to having driven as a Habitual Motor Vehicle Offender. He was sentenced to four years. However, it is expected that he will only serve 35 percent of that since his offense is not considered a violent crime.

For many drivers, their first DUI charge is their last. However, others face new charges with a record of similar ones in the past. Either way, anyone facing a DUI charge may want to speak with an attorney in order to build the best defense they possibly can against the charges.

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