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Tennessee Driver Pleads Guilty to DUI

A man facing drunk driving charges pleaded guilty in court. He was the driver in an accident that claimed the life of a Williamson County woman. The man, 26, was facing six counts and pleaded guilty to all of them.

All six were felony charges. After entering his guilty plea, he was sentenced to a total of 140 years on all charges combined. He is expected to serve a minimum of ten years of his sentence, after which he will be eligible for parole. Of course, there is no guarantee that parole will be granted at that time just because he'll be eligible for it then.

Parole boards typically take into account the severity of the original crime when taking requests into account. In this case, the woman who died in the car crash was a young parent, which has engendered the sympathy of community residents and substantial coverage of the case by local media.

Additionally, the woman's injuries were so severe that she died at the scene of the crash. Her daughter was taken from the scene to a medical facility, where she was determined to have traumatic injuries. The woman's son and husband, though not injured as severely, were also in need of medical care.

Drunk driving cases may or may not involve individuals being injured. When they are, those injuries add a number of dimensions to the case. They can affect sentencing and may increase the likelihood of stiffer sentences. Anyone facing drunk driving charges and related legal issues stemming from car accidents is encouraged to seek advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney. The lawyer can protect the rights of a defendant and offer advice on how to best proceed with the case.

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