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State Legislator Receives Sentence for Drunk Driving Arrest

Being pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving can happen to anyone. Whether you've had one or two cocktails, the possibility is very real that you could be pulled over. When you are a public figure and get pulled over, it becomes the headline of the week. This is what happened to State Rep. Curry Todd in October 2011 when he was pulled over in Nashville, Tennessee, on suspicion of drunk driving.

According to the police report, Todd failed the roadside sobriety test and when officers were searching his vehicle, they also found a loaded .38-caliber gun between the driver's seat and center console.

Todd is best known for sponsoring a law that allows individuals to with handgun permits to carry their weapons in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.

Earlier this week Todd pleaded guilty to drunken driving and gun charges. The judge sentenced him to:

  • 48 hours in jail
  • A $350 fine
  • Install an alcohol monitoring device in his car
  • Perform 24 hours of community service
  • Attend alcohol safety school and a victim impact panel
  • Lose the privilege to carry a firearm for one year

His sentence to 48 hours in jail will be reduced by eight hours for the time he spent in custody after his arrest.

Todd believes that his experience in the past year will help him continue to be an effective representative for the state of Tennessee.

If you've been charged with drunk driving, you should seek the advice of a criminal defense attorney that specializes in this type of offense. They can work to provide you with the best possible outcome.

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