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March 2014 Archives

Would a blood draw have helped Tata in DUI defense?

There can be many points of uncertainty regarding evidence in drunk driving cases, any of which may become a possible point of leverage in mounting a defense against the charges. That's why you always hear the advice that if you are facing DUI charge you should be contacting an attorney for the protection of your rights.

Harrell under Tn. house arrest until vehicular homicide trial

The legal difficulties just seem to keep coming for former 3 Doors Down bassist Robert Todd Harrell. In the latest encounter with the Tennessee justice system, the 42-year-old musician was ordered by a judge to move from his home in Mississippi to some residence in Nashville until he is brought to trial on a charge of vehicular homicide.

TN Supreme Court: Field sobriety test results may not matter

One of things police and prosecutors like to hang their hats on when pressing claims of driving under the influence is if a suspect fails to pass a field sobriety test. As we have noted often in this blog, a lot of circumstances can bring the validity of field sobriety tests into question. Because of that, challenging the results of those tests has been known to be effective in presenting a defense against the charges.

Kennedy scion credits innocence, good counsel, for DUI acquittal

Fifty years ago, the Criminal Justice Act took effect. It was a piece of legislation that Robert F. Kennedy proudly noted as one of his public service legacies. Among its provisions was one assuring that people charged with federal crime who couldn't afford an attorney could get legal representation.  


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