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Tennessee motorcyclist faces drunk driving charges

If police believe they have reason to pull over a motorist, that motorist typically complies with the request. If a motorist flees instead of pulling over, a chase can ensue, and the motorist may face a number of charges as a result. A recent incident in Tennessee led to a motorcyclist facing a number of charges, including drunk driving charges, as he allegedly fled from police who tried to pull him over.

Woman faces DUI charges after Tennessee crash

When police respond to a car accident, they may investigate the scene and possibly charge one or more parties with a crime. After a recent car accident in Tennessee, police found cause to charge one of the car accident participants. The woman was charged with a myriad of charges, including DUI charges.

Driver facing drunk driving charges again Tennessee

Whenever police pull over someone for suspected drunk driving, there is typically a procedure for testing for alcohol and for deciding whether an arrest and charges are in order. There may be breath tests given, field sobriety tests and blood alcohol tests too. If a driver is found to already have drunk driving charges on his or her record, there may be harsh penalties possible with a subsequent DUI related conviction. A Tennessee man has found himself under arrest and facing drunk driving charges for an alleged fourth time.

Woman facing DUI charges after Tennessee car accident

Whenever there is a collision between two vehicles on the road, the police and rescue crews may need to respond and render assistance. The police may also find it necessary to arrest and charge one or more parties involved in the accident if the evidence suggests a crime was committed. After a recent car accident in Tennessee, one of the drivers is now facing DUI charges.


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