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Tennessee motorcyclist faces drunk driving charges

If police believe they have reason to pull over a motorist, that motorist typically complies with the request. If a motorist flees instead of pulling over, a chase can ensue, and the motorist may face a number of charges as a result. A recent incident in Tennessee led to a motorcyclist facing a number of charges, including drunk driving charges, as he allegedly fled from police who tried to pull him over.

The incident started around midnight on a Tuesday as police noticed the motorcycle was missing a tail light. Police contend that the motorcyclist sped off down the highway. They pursued the man, and one police officer need up being hit in the leg by the motorcycle.

Once the 56-year-old motorcyclist was stopped, police say they noticed the smell of alcohol. This led them to conduct field sobriety tests. Police say the man failed the tests and also refused to comply with chemical testing. The man was also found to have a suspended license, and he had a record of convictions related to driving without a license in Tennessee and Kentucky. He has been charged with DUI, reckless driving, speeding and a sixth offense of driving with a suspended license.

Anyone facing drunk driving charges in Tennessee should be fully aware of the state's sentencing guidelines for those who are convicted. In this case, the other charges the man faces can mean serious consequences in addition to the drunk driving charges. While those arrested for drunk driving are innocent until proved guilty, anyone arrested might benefit from being aware of the law and how best to move forward if there is the need to defend oneself against a criminal charge.

Source:, "Martin, TN man accused of DUI, hitting officer with motorcycle", James Long, Aug. 22, 2014

Source:, "Martin, TN man accused of DUI, hitting officer with motorcycle", James Long, Aug. 22, 2014

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