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Man with prior convictions arrested for deadly DUI crash

Whenever there is a car accident, the police may try to ascertain if any kind of drugs or alcohol was responsible or played a role in the crash. If alcohol did play a role and someone was injured, the potential charges could have very serious consequences should a conviction follow. In addition, if someone arrested for DUI in Tennessee has prior convictions, the penalties may be compounded and pose serious challenges for someone.

Don't take field sobriety tests results at face value

When someone is pulled over for suspicion of a DUI or is involved in an accident and driving under the influence is a suspected cause, that person may be subjected to a number of tests and/or asked a number of questions by law enforcement. Field sobriety tests are typically used by Tennessee police officers. Anyone who is asked to submit to such a test may be interested to know his or her legal options afterwards and what possible conditions may lead to test results being ruled inadmissible.

Charges upgraded to vehicular homicide for Tennessee man

Whenever there is a car accident of any kind, police may find they have cause to pursue criminal charges against a driver. If they do press charges against a driver, there may also be cause to upgrade those criminal charges at a later time if they feel it is appropriate to do so. Recently in Tennessee, a man facing charges after a car accident had them upgraded, and he now faces an accusation of vehicular homicide.

Car accident leads to DUI charges in Tennessee

Whenever there is a car accident, the authorities responding to the scene do everything possible to help any driver or passenger who has been injured. If those authorities believe alcohol or any other substance causing impairment may have played a role in the accident, those authorities may find cause to file DUI charges. A recent accident in Tennessee has led to DUI charges after a man wrecked his truck.


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