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Tennessee policeman faces drunk driving charges

When police respond to a car accident, they often find it necessary to conduct further investigations if they believe alcohol was involved in the car accident. Police recently responded to a car accident and found one of their own, another police officer, was involved. That Tennessee police officer now faces drunk driving charges.

Tennessee car accident leads to vehicular assault charge

Whenever there is a car accident of any kind and police believe alcohol may have played a role in the incident, there may be charges filed in addition to a drunk driving charge. A recent accident in Tennessee led to drunk driving charges against a female driver. It has also led to additional charges, including vehicular assault, due to the fact that a firefighter was injured at the scene of the accident.

Man faces DUI charges in Nashville

When people think about drunk driving incidents, they may conjure up images of police pulling over a vehicle or responding to the scene of an accident that has just occurred. However, someone behind the wheel of a motor vehicle that isn't moving may still be subject to DUI charges in Nashville, depending upon the underlying circumstances. This was the case recently in Tennessee as police say a man was arrested and charged with DUI after being found passed out behind the wheel.

Driver faces vehicular homicide charge in Tennessee crash

When police are called to a car accident scene, they usually investigate in order to determine whether criminal charges need to be filed against one or more of the drivers involved. An investigation into a recent car accident led to very serious charges in Tennessee. A driver was arrested and charged with DUI and also vehicular homicide, as there were two deaths as a result of the crash.


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