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Tennessee woman faces drunk driving charges after accident

Any kind of car accident involving driving under the influence can result in serious criminal consequences. When an accident results in the death of a person, drunk driving charges can escalate and entail jail time if a conviction is obtained. Recently, a Tennessee woman was arrested on drunk driving and other charges after a teen injured in the crash she allegedly caused died in the hospital.

What is the Implied Consent charge ?

In Tennessee ,  drivers have given their implied consent to take a chemical test to determine one's blood lacohol level. Here is how it works. If a police officer has reasonable suspicion that a person was driving under the influence of alcohol , a police officer can request they submit to a blood ot breath test to determine the alcohol or drug content.

Man faces driving under the influence charges in Tennessee

Some may only associate drunk driving charges or related incidents with acts committed on roadways. However, it is important to note that being inebriated behind the wheel while driving through a parking lot can lead to charges of driving under the influence just as easily as if a vehicle was being driven on a roadway. A recent incident at a Tennessee Home Depot led to charges against one man.

The Tennessee Blood Alcohol Report

In Tennessee DUI cases , a blood alcohol amount can be reported in blood alcohol level or blood alcohol levels . In blood cases , the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has to generate a report . It must contain the following information pursuant to Tennessee Code annotated 55-10-408 (b).

What is the blood alcohol Limit in Tennessee ?

Just the other day in court , I was in shock when a fellow lawyer asked me what the blood alcohol limit is in Tennessee .Some lawyers think anybody can handle a DUI case without any specialized knowledge. Since I have been defending DUI cases for over 20 years , lawyers routinely ask me some questions . A lawyer handling DUI cases should know the basics. 

A vigorous defense may be needed when there are prior convictions

A DUI charge can lead to serious criminal consequences that can have an immediate impact on your life. If you have a previous DUI conviction on your record, it is important to understand how that previous conviction can impact your case. Prior convictions on your record mean a more vigorous defense may be needed and may prove beneficial when facing new charges in Tennessee.

Crash leads to vehicular homicide charges for Tennessee woman

A woman is facing serious charges stemming from a deadly accident in the winter. The Tennessee car accident left two men dead and the driver of another vehicle jailed. The woman alleged to have caused the crash is accused of a number of charges, the most serious of which are several different counts of vehicular homicide. She was scheduled to appear in court on May 6.

Tennessee woman faces drunk driving charges

People who have been accused of driving under the influence may be seen in a negative light by members of the local community. However, the justice system presumes these individuals to be innocent unless proved guilty. One woman in Tennessee is currently facing this scenario after being arrested on drunk driving charges.


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