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Failed sobriety test leads to DUI arrest in Tennessee

When police decide whether or not to arrest someone for a DUI, there may be several steps they take first to determine if an arrest is warranted. One tool police may utilize is a field sobriety test at the scene. A failed sobriety test can lead to arrest, but can also be challenged in court. Recently in Tennessee, a failed sobriety played a role in the arrest of a CEO of a Nashville-based company.

Tennessee cab driver charged with sex crimes

Being charged with sex crimes on more than one occasion can lead to serious criminal consequences if a person does not know his or her rights or what legal steps he or she may able to take. According to a recent incident in Tennessee, a cab driver was charged with sex crimes, and it was not the first time he has faced such charges. Detectives also stated that he implicated himself in an interview with authorities.

What is an implied consent charge ?

What is an implied consent violation? Under Tennessee Code Annotated 55-10-406 any person who drives a motor vehicle is deemed to have given consent to a test or tests for the purpose of determining the alcoholic content of that person's blood. A law enforcement officer who requests that the driver of a motor vehicle to submit to either or both tests shall advise the driver refusal to submit to the test will result in the suspension by the court of the driver's operator's license.

Tennessee parents face DUI charges after child found in car

Whenever police pull over a vehicle on suspicion of drunk driving, there are certain circumstances under which police may file charges in addition to DUI charges. Recently in Tennessee, two parents were pulled over, and the female driver had DUI charges levied against her, along with additional charges. The additional charges came about as a child was found to be in the car.

Arrested for a DUI in Franklin,Tn., What Happens at Your First Court Date ?

Facing DUI charges in Franklin, Tennessee can be frightening. Here is what happens at your first court date. Once you have been released from jail, you are given a court date. The court date is set on a Thursday afternoon at one o'clock. It is set a couple weeks away. The purpose of the court date is simply a first appearance. No assistant district attorney or police officer will be there. The judge inquires if you have an attorney or need an appointed attorney. The court will then give you a new court date. If you hire an attorney before that date , your attorney will file a waiver of appearance with the clerk's office . The clerk will send the new court date to your attorney.

Woman failed sobriety test after Tennessee accident

A recent collision reported in Tennessee involved two women and one child traveling in a vehicle. Alcohol is an apparent factor in the case. Information provided suggests that the woman suspected of having caused the accident has a history of repeated offenses and was charged after a failed sobriety test in connection with the recent incident.

Why is the Chain of Custody Important in DUI Cases ?

Maintaining a "Chain of Custody" of a blood alcohol test is critical in a DUI case. I saw the importance of maintaining a chain of custody on a recent visit to the Rocky Mountain Lab. What is the chain of custody? The general rule is that the tangible evidence may be properly introduced either when identified by a witness or by the presentation of a unbroken chain of custody. The purpose of the chain of custody is to demonstrate that there has been no tampering, loss, substitution or mistake with respect to the evidence.

Tennessee teacher faces drunk driving charges

Being arrested for drunk driving can impact a person's finances, reputation and possibly that person's professional goals. Recently, in Tennessee, a teacher was arrested, and now that educator faces drunk driving charges. The man arrested was 45 years old, and he was involved in a traffic accident.

Internet crime encompasses a wide range of activities

Technology has penetrated virtually every aspect of life. It has also opened the door to Internet crime, which can carry serious consequences for those arrested and convicted in Tennessee. Because of the speed with which technology is changing, some people in Tennessee may be unaware of what constitutes Internet crime and how important it is to have a solid defense strategy if accused of any crimes that fall under the umbrella of Internet crime.

Why the Police Take Two Breath Test Samples ?

There are two types of tests used to measure blood alcohol tests in the State of Tennessee. First, a blood sample can be obtained. Second, a breath test can be used. Metro Nashville Davidson County police still rely on using the breath alcohol test. In fact, mobile breath test machines are in the police cars of the DUI unit. A different type of breath alcohol machine is located in the booking room of the Criminal Justice Center.

Woman faces DUI charges in Tennessee after crash

A disoriented driver and a crash led to police filing charges recently. The police filed DUI charges against a Tennessee woman after she crashed into a mailbox and was allegedly involved in a previous incident where she ran her SUV into a ditch. She also faces other charges related to the incident.


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