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Defendants must aggressively fight sex crimes allegations

Being accused of any crime can be devastating and emotionally challenging. However, being accused of sex crimes can pose a number of greater challenges based on how society perceives sex crime allegations. Because of what all is at stake, anyone in Tennessee who is facing charges related to sex crimes should ensure a vigorous defense is mounted to ensure fairness and protection under the law.

After passenger dies, driver charged with vehicular homicide

A drunk driving accident is serious under any circumstances, even more so when an injury or a death of an innocent person is involved. In one recent Tennessee wreck, a passenger in a vehicle died after the driver crashed the vehicle. The driver now faces drunk driving and vehicular homicide charges due to the incident.

Man known in cyber circles faces drunk driving charges

Any incident involving suspicion of drunk driving can be further complicated if there are any other substances involved or the presence of weapons. A man well-known in the world of cyber security was recently arrested in Tennessee on drunk driving charges and also for having a handgun with him while DUI. The incident took place during a recent weekend.

Many factors can impact results of field sobriety tests

A field sobriety test can lead to an arrest, and the results can be used in court. This means the results can weigh heavily on your fate and you may lose your license, have to pay fines and suffer the other negative impacts of having a criminal record. Because of what is at stake, Tennessee citizens who partake in field sobriety tests at the request of a police officer should understand what outside factors may impact the results and how they may form part of a defense strategy when challenging a drunk driving charge.

Teenager in Tennessee facing drunk driving charges

An accident or unusual situation can lead to more serious charges if police suspect a driver may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If the driver is underage, those charges may be compounded and further impact the future of a teenager. Recently, a teen driver in Tennessee was arrested and faces drunk driving charges and other accusations as well.

Man with kids in car faces DUI charges in Tennessee

DUI charges can lead to penalties that are dependent on the number of times a person has been convicted of DUI. Other factors can possibly play a role and lead to an upgrade of charges or increased possible penalties. One factor that can impact DUI charges in Tennessee is if there are minor children in the vehicle at the time of the incident. Recently in Tennessee, a man was arrested for DUI while he had two children in his pickup truck with him.

Man charged with vehicular homicide after hit and run accident

The events that cause a car accident can lead to criminal charges, as can the events that happen after a crash. One recent car accident in Tennessee led to vehicular homicide charges against a man. However, the events in the aftermath of the accident led to charges against a few family members, including his wife.


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