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What you need to know about a failed sobriety test

It can be intimidating and stressful to be asked to submit to a field sobriety test. Many outside factors, including fear and stress, can combine to produce a false conclusion. Accordingly, a failed sobriety test is possible even if the driver is not intoxicated. If you are facing a drunk driving charge in Tennessee , being aware of these factors may be important in contesting the accusations in criminal court. 

Speeding leads to DUI charges for Tennessee man

A speeding violation can lead to a lot more than a ticket under certain circumstances. One man in Tennessee was recently pulled over for speeding, and the incident ended with the man facing multiple charges, including DUI charges. It was also discovered that the man had four prior convictions for drunk driving incidents.

Woman faces vehicular homicide charges after Tennessee crash

After an arrest for suspected DUI, additional charges may be filed that could lead to even more serious consequences, particularly if the charges are related to a fatal car crash. After a collision in Tennessee, a woman was arrested for suspicion of DUI. Because the accident resulted in a fatality, she has since been charged with vehicular assault and vehicular homicide, along with a charge of reckless endangerment.

Father faces DUI charges after kids found in can in Tennessee

Calls to police about an unusual situation on the roadway can lead to criminal charges against a driver. When a man left his two toddlers in the car and reportedly walked up an off ramp, police investigated, and DUI charges were handed down as a result. The incident unfolded on a Tennessee highway.

Alleged sexual assault leads to charges in Tennessee

Any kind of authority figure can be put in a vulnerable position when alone with someone who then claims charges of sexual assault by that authority figure. In Tennessee recently, a man was accused of sexual assault after being alone with a woman on two occasions. The man was an IRS agent who visited the woman to conduct an audit of her business.

Prior convictions can impact any DUI case in Tennessee

A DUI case can be confusing and troubling, as being accused can affect many aspects of your life, including your career, finances and even your freedom. Tennessee takes DUI cases seriously and any prior convictions for DUI can have a tremendous impact on the possible sentence if a case is pursued. Knowing the consequences and the ways in which prior convictions may affect a case is as important as knowing what kind of defense may be possible if you face DUI charges.

Drive-thru incident in Tennessee leads to DUI charges

Not all DUI incidents occur when cars are on the roadway. Driver should be forewarned that DUI charges can be filed when a car is in a restaurant drive-thru. The man involved in the Tennessee incident also had his daughter in the vehicle at the time.

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