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Understanding sex crimes investigations and consequences

Being accused of any crime and/or suffering the effects of a criminal investigation can take a toll on all aspects of a person's life. However, when an investigation involves sex crimes, it is typically helpful to gain an understanding of what may occur and how a case may unfold if charges are filed in Tennessee. An important consideration involves the penalties that could be imposed should a conviction be obtained by prosecutors.

Man faces DUI charges after crashing into house

An accident that requires a police presence and intervention can lead to charges for those involved if responding authorities suspect someone involved is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Recently in Tennessee, police responded to an accident where a car hit a house. DUI charges followed for the driver suspected to be behind the wheel.

Woman arrested in Tennessee after multiple prior convictions

The penalties for DUI increase based on the finding of any prior convictions. While having one or two prior convictions for DUI may lead to higher fines and a longer period without a driver's license in Tennessee, one woman has made news primarily for the sheer number of prior drunk driving charges on her record. She has been arrested a total of 17 times for drunk driving offenses.

DUI charges are filed after accident in Tennessee

When a car accident leads to police involvement and responding police suspect some form of intoxication, a driver may have more to worry about than just the condition of his or her vehicle. One man in Tennessee recently wrecked his car and the end result was DUI charges filed against him. The man was reported to be former worker at the county jail in Monroe County, Tennessee.

Bus driver in Tennessee facing DUI charges while driving kids

Drunk driving situations can lead to a number of standard possible penalties across the state. However, if the driver is in a commercial vehicle, those penalties can increase and the criteria for drunk driving charges are different, such as a lower legal limit for blood alcohol content. Likewise, if there are minors in the vehicle, those penalties can also be harsher and may accompany additional charges. Recently in Tennessee, a bus driver was accused of driving a bus full of high school students while under the influence of alcohol. The driver now faces DUI charges in addition to other charges.

Tennessee teacher is charged with statutory rape

The laws regarding statutory rape are very clear about ages. The law is also not specific to gender, meaning any adult of age, male or female, can be charged with statutory rape regardless of the gender or willingness of the minor or minors involved. Recently in Tennessee, a female high school teacher made news as she was charged with statutory rape of two male students who were underage.

Mom faces DUI charges in Tennessee after bizarre incident

A 911 call from a child recently alerted police to a situation where a mother and three children were in danger. As police arrived on the scene, they were able to save the family, whose car was in a Tennessee pond. However, the incident did not end with just a rescue. The mother behind the wheel now faces criminal charges related to the incident, including DUI charges.

Blood alcohol tests: Results do not mean automatic conviction

When someone is suspected of driving while under the influence, requests to take a blood test can be common. While the results of blood alcohol tests can make a drunk driving case more difficult to challenge or dismiss in Tennessee, those results in no way mean an automatic conviction and can still be successfully challenged regardless of what level of alcohol intoxication a test may indicate. Anyone who is facing a DUI charge and whose case involves the results of blood alcohol tests may want to be aware of what aspects of the tests can lead to a successful challenge.

Tennessee principal faces DUI charges after crash

When police arrive on the scene of an accident and believe intoxication is an issue, those police officers may follow certain procedures in order to build a case against someone. The procedures that may result in DUI charges against a driver can include field sobriety tests and blood tests. Recently, a high school principal in Tennessee was suspected of driving under the influence and now faces DUI charges. This is the second time this particular educator has faced DUI charges.

Charges for sex crimes can seriously affect Tennessee residents

Being charged with any kind of criminal activity can be embarrassing and potentially damaging to one's reputation. Being charged with sex crimes can take this embarrassment to a whole new level. Those charged with sex crimes in Tennessee should be aware of the benefits of a strong defense and understand the affects the charges could have on their futures.


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