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Tennessee principal faces DUI charges after crash

When police arrive on the scene of an accident and believe intoxication is an issue, those police officers may follow certain procedures in order to build a case against someone. The procedures that may result in DUI charges against a driver can include field sobriety tests and blood tests. Recently, a high school principal in Tennessee was suspected of driving under the influence and now faces DUI charges. This is the second time this particular educator has faced DUI charges.

The incident took place after an early evening crash. Police who arrived on the scene believed the principal was intoxicated due to the appearance of his eyes and a smell. The man was asked to perform a field sobriety test, on which he reportedly did poorly, yet there are no specifics as to what he did not do according to expectation. He was also sent for a blood test hours after the accident.

Reportedly, the man did tell police that he had a few beers and a vodka drink. There was also a report that the man tried to leave the scene of the accident. It was also discovered that the man had a previous DUI in 2009, although no details of that incident were explained.

The principal may face serious consequences as a result of the DUI charge, including loss of his driver's license, high fines or possibly jail time. A DUI charge and any subsequent DUI charges in Tennessee can impact a person's freedom and finances, meaning that person's career may be impacted in a number of ways. In this case, the field sobriety test and blood test taken hours later may play an important role in how the case is handled. Anyone charged with a similar crime may want to inquire how these test procedures can be challenged and what details of the tests can impact his or her particular case along with how the results can be challenged.

Source:, "Independence H.S. principal arrested for 2nd DUI offense", Najahe Sherman, Nov. 16, 2015

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