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Field Sobriety Tests in Tennessee Can Be Flawed for Many Reasons

When a person is pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, that individual may be asked a variety of questions and asked to perform a number of tasks. Being asked to perform field sobriety tests can be a daunting experience. Knowing that the results of this standardized test can end in an arrest may make the test itself even more intimidating. In Tennessee, motorists may benefit from understanding how the results can be skewed and what may affect the outcome of field sobriety tests conducted along the roadway.

A person's size may impact results. It is noted that being 50 pounds overweight may affect the results. What you wear can also play a role in how a field sobriety test unfolds. Wearing high heels may simply make the tasks more difficult.

Age can be a factor in a test as well. If you are over 65, you may perform differently than a younger person. Physical health certainly influences a test. Problems related to your knees, ankles or back can impede your ability to complete tasks asked of you.

While field sobriety tests are taken seriously as part of a drunk driving case, the results may be subjective. Whether test results can be successfully challenged depends heavily on the details of your case and situation. The potential consequences that accompany a conviction are significant, and retaining experienced defense counsel is advisable. To find more information about how field sobriety tests are used in a Tennessee criminal case or what individual factors may impact the use of results in court, please visit our website.