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February 2016 Archives

Sex crimes carry heavy consequences in Tennessee

The stigma that often accompanies a criminal charge can be overwhelming, especially if the allegations involve sexual misconduct. Sex crimes accusations may make the news, and an arrest can adversely affect a reputation long before a case goes to court. Because of what is at stake for those arrested in Tennessee, anyone charged can benefit from comprehensive and experienced legal support.

Vehicular homicide cases in Tennessee can be complicated

An accident involving alcohol or drugs that results in the death of an individual may lead to a vehicular homicide charge in some cases. For those in Tennessee who find themselves in a situation where an accident results in the death of another can seek legal guidance so as to understand the facts about vehicular homicide charges and the circumstances under which such a charge may be filed. It is also in the best interests of those charged to be aware of defense options that may be applicable in certain cases.

Woman faces drunk driving charges and drug charges

A Tennessee driver was pulled over by police recently. They apparently observed items in the woman's vehicle that aroused suspicion of intoxication. The encounter with Tennessee police ended with her facing drunk driving charges and also drug charges. 

Man charged with sexual assault after incident on street

An encounter on a street has led to criminal charges against a man who already has a list of arrests and convictions in the state. The incident that led to a sexual assault charge took place on the streets of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The 30-year-old has had $9,000 bond set and must appear in court to face the complaint.

Soldier charged with driving under the influence in Tennessee

Those charged with drunk driving may incur additional criminal charges under certain circumstances. Moreover, those charges can be much more significant if the drunk driver caused an accident that led to the injuries or deaths of others. A soldier was recently charged with driving under the influence and a number of other alleged crimes after an accident took place in Tennessee.

Man jumps in pond, faces DUI charges and other charges

When police pull over a person driving because of a traffic issue, they may pursue suspicions of other alleged crimes if they feel there is reason to suspect something else is going on. Recently in Tennessee, police pulled over a man for a broken tail light and ended the night by talking the man out of a pond where he fled. The man involved in this unusual incident is now facing DUI charges and other charges.


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