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May 2016 Archives

DUI charges reduced for former Tennessee Titans linebacker

There are numerous reasons why a Tennessee driver might have a single-vehicle accident. Based on a driver's behavior and appearance when law enforcement officers arrive at the scene, an incorrect supposition might be made. A driver can be arrested in DUI charges even if alcohol was not a factor.

Woman faces vehicular homicide charge in crash

When Tennessee law enforcement officials make accusations against a driver in an accident, it is their responsibility to be sure that their facts are correct. Making a mistake could jeopardize the freedom of an individual. This is especially true when that person is facing serious charges such as vehicular homicide in connection with an accident in which it is suspected that alcohol played a factor.

Student faces sexual assault charges after campus incident

Hollywood has used college housing as the setting for a variety of movies involving partying, sexual promiscuity and other frivolity. However, the truth is that most students, including those at Tennessee's universities and colleges, are just trying to get an education, have a modest amount of fun and do it safely. Statistics indicate that one out of every four of women could become the victim of sexual assault at some point during their college careers, and 80 percent of them will know their attackers -- at least in passing.

Judge dismisses UT player's charges for lack of probable cause

University of Tennessee football fans might recall that Charles Mosley, an offensive lineman, was arrested in July 2015 on suspicion of DUI and speeding. Recently, a preliminary hearing was held to determine whether there was enough evidence to send the case to a grand jury. The judge ruled that prosecutors failed to meet the minimum threshold for proof of the charges due to a lack of probable cause for the arrest.

Tennessee pastor charged with child sexual abuse

Special agents have conducted an investigation into activities centered on a pastor. The pastor of a Tennessee church now faces a number of charges related to activities with minors. The child sexual abuse charges filed against the man involve two minors under the age of 13.

Tennessee detectives job affected by drunk driving charges

A criminal charge can impact a career and a reputation, especially for those who work in law enforcement. One detective in Tennessee has been decommissioned as a result of a criminal charge he is now facing. The 51-year-old man is facing drunk driving charges and other charges after an incident at a store on a Sunday morning.

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