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A day at the golf course ends with a vehicular assault charge

Golfing enthusiasts in Tennessee and elsewhere often enjoy a day riding in a golf cart, having a few drinks and conquering the golf course. However, what many people might not realize is that driving around the course while drinking comes with the same penalties as driving on any roadway. If an accident occurs and someone is injured, the driver could face vehicular assault and other charges.

You can question the accuracy of field sobriety tests

Being pulled over and suspected of driving under the influence can be a disconcerting experience. Police officers will often put a driver through field sobriety tests. The tests that are used were developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and people here in Tennessee and elsewhere are often given the impression that they are infallible. However, that could not be farther from the truth.

Facing aggressive prosecution, man enters guilty plea

Sometimes the evidence against a Tennessee resident accused of sex crimes is so overwhelming that the risk of going to trial is too great. When that individual is facing aggressive prosecution for a crime under these circumstances, it might be beneficial to work with prosecutors in order to come to an alternative resolution. In these cases, entering a guilty plea could help control the penalties he or she is likely to face.

Man faces allegations of sexual assault of girlfriend's daughter

It can be a challenge for couples, whether married or unmarried, to meld their lives together when one of the parties has a child. In some cases, allegations of sexual assault are made at some point during the relationship. These accusations can have devastating effects on the lives of everyone involved regardless of whether they are true. However, the damage done to the life of the Tennessee resident who faces charges as a result of the allegations might be irreparable.

Blood alcohol tests not affected by U.S. Supreme Court ruling

The United States Supreme Court hands down many rulings that ultimately impact laws here in Tennessee and across the country. Recently, the court ruled that law enforcement officials are required to obtain a warrant in order to draw a blood sample, but do not need a warrant for a breath test. The question becomes whether that decision will affect whether Tennessee drivers can refuse to submit to blood alcohol tests.

Man facing DUI charges is grandson of former Tennessee senator

A man identified as the underage grandson of Ward Crutchfield, a former Tennessee senator who is now deceased, was recently arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. In addition to DUI charges, he also faces charges alleging that he fled from the scene of an accident and caused property damage as he did so. It would be in his best interests to engage criminal defense counsel as soon as possible to combat the charges.

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