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August 2016 Archives

DUI charges could rise with more enforcement through Labor Day

The annual "Booze It & Lose It" campaign recently got underway on Aug. 19 here in Tennessee. Numerous local law enforcement agencies team up with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office to increase police presence on the roadways in order to discourage and stop people from driving under the influence. Between now and Labor Day, DUI charges could rise across the state and the nation.

Investigation leads to arrest of politician for sexual assault

With this being a presidential election year, politicians are in the news nearly every day. One county commissioner here in Tennessee is even making news, but not because he is up for re-election. He did so because he was arrested for sexual assault and other charges stemming from a joint investigation involving the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Drug and DUI charges filed in aftermath of hit-and-run

Recently, a driver decided to chase down another vehicle. After coming to a stop, the other driver contacted police and waited for them to arrive. By the time police left the scene, the driver of that vehicle was under arrest. The Tennessee man is now facing drug and DUI charges.

Plea bargain reached in child sexual abuse case

A former teacher here in Tennessee started an after-school program for young boys who did not have a father figure in their lives. The program took place off school grounds. One of the participants in that program accused him of child sexual abuse. The man was charged with several sex crimes, and he recently entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors. 

78-year-old man accused of vehicular homicide and 3rd DUI offense

If a driver is suspected of driving under the influence in the aftermath of an accident believed to be caused by him or her, additional charges could be filed in conjunction with a DUI. For example, if someone dies in the crash, the allegedly intoxicated driver could be charged with vehicular homicide as well. This appears to be the case in an accident involving a 78-year-old Tennessee man suspected of being impaired at the time of a fatal accident.

Driver sentenced for vehicular homicide in fatal 2014 crash

Reports indicate that on July 26, 2014 a 44-year-old Tennessee woman was impaired as she drove at a high rate of speed. At some point, there was a crash, and her 40-year-old passenger died of injuries he suffered in the crash. Now, two years later, the woman has been sentenced for vehicular homicide.

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