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Understanding Tennessee domestic violence laws

At the Law Office of Rob McKinney in Tennessee, we represent clients who have been charged with a crime, including those charged with domestic violence. We know that if you are facing such a charge, this is a very serious matter and you need to understand Tennessee’s domestic violence laws and the penalties you could face should you be convicted of breaking one of them.

Are drug courts effective?

If you receive a drug charge in Tennessee, there is a chance that you may receive an offer to enter a drug court program as an alternative to imprisonment. Whether you receive such an invitation will depend, at least to some extent, on your criminal history and the details surrounding your crime.

A Checklist for Going to the Sumner County, TN. Jail

Need a checklist for doing a weekend in the Sumner County,TN. jail ? I didn't think a checklist was needed until last week. I posted last week on a checklist for going for a court appearance. A friend send me a message that I needed to include a checklist for spending a weekend in the Sumner County jail. Unfortunately, this is based upon her personal experience for women.Her is the list for women and you can guess the modifications for a male inmate.

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