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December 2017 Archives

Plea agreements and the potential reduction of consequences

That the burden of proving criminal action rests largely on the prosecution in Tennessee criminal cases does not mean that convictions are uncommon. In fact, from misdemeanor domestic assault to felony battery charges, there is a chance that long-term consequences for the defendant might be exacerbated by a criminal trial. In situations where a trial on the original charges is likely to lead to an undesireable outcome, many defendants choose to enter into a plea negotiation phase prior to setting a court date. 

Domestic violence in the context of divorce

Tennessee divorce courts tend to consider a history of domestic violence an important deciding factor when deliberating on child custody terms. A record of abuse or violence might hamper a parent's ability to maintain a quality relationship with his or her child. Therefore, defendants standing accused of a domestic violence charge might benefit from prioritizing mitigation of the negative effects.

What is the definition of stalking in Tennessee?

Have you been accused of being a stalker? Perhaps you have strong romantic feelings for someone or are concerned about that person. Human relationships can be confusing to navigate, and what may seem like innocent behavior to you could lead to a criminal charge of stalking. 

What does it mean to unlawfully flee from police?

Running away from a Tennessee police officer is a serious offense and should not be taken lightly. However, even though many people may know generally that it is not good to flee from police, they may not fully understand what constitutes fleeing from law enforcement or an arrest under Tennesee law.

Is online bullying illegal?

In recent years many people, both adults to teenagers, have recognized the impact bullying has on others. That's why Tennessee and many other states have adopted cyberbullying laws to create a safer environment for all people. 

Can My Car Be Searched If It Smells like Weed ?

Want to avoid a drug charge ? Driving around the State of Tennessee with your car smelling of weed is an open invitation of having your car searched.The U.S.Supreme Court has held there is an automobile exception to the requiremnt to have a search warrant. Here is the bright line rule, if police have probable cause to search a vehicle or a container within the vehicle, a warrantless search may be made of the vehicle and containers contained therein likely to conceal the object of the search.

What are the conditions for receiving a restricted license?

While convictions resulting from a Tennessee DUI may result in a suspension of a driver's license or overall loss of driving privileges, there are options for individuals to recover limited driving privileges immediately following a conviction. Tennessee law allows a court to grant a restricted license, provided certain conditions are met.

An overview of Tennessee marijuana laws

As opinions about marijuana are changing across the country, so are laws. Several states have legalized some form of medical or recreational use of cannabis, but where does Tennessee stand? You may be wondering what the state laws say and what the future holds for marijuana laws in Tennessee

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